Upcoming High School Wrestling Events

1/13/2011 8:09:29 AM
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What big wrestling events are coming up over the next two months? We're going to try and cover some wrestling the rest of the winter season, so please list any big events below.

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city of alexandria wrestling tournament at episcopal tomorrow

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St. Albans Tourney Feb 11-12

It's the oldest high school wrestling tournament in the nation, usually draws top DC-area and national squads.

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The IAC and WCAC conference tournaments are about 3 weeks away followed by the St. Alban's invitational and the Maryland Independent State tournament

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MMM 8 Mount Mat Madness this weekend Fri/Sat begins @ 2:30 tommorow.......top teams from Md,Va,De,NJ,Pa with a ton of nationally ranked wrestlers. Catonsville Comm Coll.  

Saturday will have a large flat screen TV for RAVEN'S fans

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Big Brother,   

coverage of quality wrestling is no different than basketball, football or hockey. Watching the sport at a high level is much more enjoyable.....ie. MMM 8, St. Albans, Md Independent States, and later rounds of league championships. 

Good to hear you guys are going to do some coverage

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next saturday there is a quad meet at prep vs. landon and two other schools. good rivalry

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