Redskin's outlook for drafting a QB in the draft

12/23/2011 9:18:09 AM
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Is anybody else worried about the Redskins chances of finding their franchise QB in this year's draft? While last week's win was impressive, they're chances of finding a franchise QB is diminishing, especially with another winnable game against Minnesota to likely further hurt their draft slot.  Meanwhile teams like Jacksonville and Cleveland are looking for QB's and will likely draft ahead of the Redskins.  With Barkley staying, only Griffin remains (with the obvious assumption that Luck will alreayd be off the board). 

This leaves the skins in the position to either trade up to acquire Griffin or to settle for a second tier QB such as Landry Jones. As much as I would love to see the skins show their growth and potential by winning these next two games, I feel like their position in the draft is far more important for their long term outlook.

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Why is everyone so up in arms about Barkley staying at USC?  Was he the linchpin of this draft?  In fact, I believe he was the best candidate for most overrated.  Most of the USC QB's are overhyped and add him to the list.  IMO he would be decent at best......see Mark Sanchez.  USC QB's get to play with NFL talent at the skill positions and on the line........against the Oregon States and Washington States of the world.  Not a knock on USC......they have great talent....but it is not like this kid is the next great thing.

The Skins should sit tight....they should be around 7 or so......and either draft Griffin or the best player on the board.  Minn. nor Jacksonville are drafting QB's.....Miami is the only other bad team that will draft a QB that high so as long as they are in front of Miami they will have a shot at Griffin.  To me, he is the best QB available.  Put him on Stanford and put Luck at Baylor and I believe Stanford would be better off.  Not to down Luck....I think he will be solid as well but the Skins need someone that is not just solid but that can put a team/offense on his back and I think only Griffin has that potential.   


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What about Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin? or maybe Kellen Moore late in the draft? I personally dont like the Kellen Moore idea but that idea has been thrown around on the radio among other places.

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IMO neither is a bonafide NFL QB.  I think Luck and Griffin are the only two legit QB's in the draft.....legit being defined as a QB you can build your team around. 

I prefer Griffin because much like Cam Newton he can make a play or two a game without any help.  Luck will need a decent line, a running game and a good receiver or two.  Give him that, he will be a great QB. Since the 'Skins argueably have none of that, they will need a QB that can make his own plays for a couple years to keep them competitive while they build the roster.

If you draft Luck you run the danger of him getting beat up and gun-shy by the time he has enough help around him to win.  

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you people have no idea what youre talking about....

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Enlighten us since I am sure YOU do know what you are talking about........

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If the redskins do get griffin they will have to build a new offense around him. The quarterback position they would need right now is a pocket qb, unless there willing to rebuild their team and offense I think griffin would not be a good choice, but if they wanted a new offense this could change the redskins team hopefully in the positive way. Right now a good pocket quarterback would be good especially with the run game improving, a balanced offense needs to be the choice, hopefully they don't revive a veteran quarterback then be in the same situation after two years

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