DC Soccer Tournament Schedule

11/4/2013 12:24:44 PM
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The Girls bracket starts today: 


1. NCS

2. Maret

3. Sidwell Friends

4. Georgetown Day

5. Wilson

6. School Without Walls

7. Washington International

8. Washington Latin 

Monday’s Quarterfinal Schedule, 3PM

Washington Latin @ National Cathedral

Wilson @ Georgetown Day

School Without Walls @ Sidwell Friends

Washington International @ Maret (Jellef)

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NCS will host GDS at 3 p.m. Wednesday after both teams won their openers

Sidwell hosts Maret Wednesdsay

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Good stuff!!!

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You do realize this is Brian Kapur...and you complimented me?

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Kapur, as with most compliments you have gotten in your life, the one from Tom was likely in error. Pretty sure he was just excited about a DC "state wide" soccer tournament and/or who was playing who. God, you arent even worth what I assume you arent getting paid for posting on this site. Go rank Flint Hill #2 in the football rankings or whatever else it is you do to fill your time.

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Boys Seedings

1. St. Albans

2. Sidwell Friends

3. Gonzaga 

4. Bell

5. Wilson

6. Maret

7. Wash. International

8. Cap City Charter School

Tuesday’s Quarterfinal Schedule, 3PM

Cap City @ St. Albans

Wilson @ Bell

Maret @ Gonzaga

Wash. International @ Sidwell Friends

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