Join Ali Krieger and Mia Hamm to Help Kids Play Soccer

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miraclefeet is very excited about the kick-off of the Women's World Cup. We wish our friend and miraclefeet ambassador, Ali Krieer the best as she plays for the US.

Imagine if soccer stars like Mia Hamm, who was born with clubfoot, couldn't play soccer. Because of clubfoot, a common birth defect, over a million children will never have a chance to score a goal or even walk. miraclefeet believes that every child should have a chance to kick a soccer ball arround. 

Join Ali Krieger for our #kick4clubfoot soccer challange starting June 4th, 2015. 

Goal: Raise $10,000 to level the playing field for kids with clubfoot

HOW TO PLAY: Show us your soccer moves!

Post a 10-second video of your best soccer kicks and tricks, and invite your friends to show off some moves or donate $10 to miraclefeet!

Share you vido on Facebook, Twitter (@miraclefeet), and Instagram (@miraclefeet) wih #kick4clubfoot

Here's your script:

 I kick for clubfoot!


I challenge ___ to kick for clubfoot.

If we reach our $10k goal Ali Krieger will share her tricks and tips in a personal message.


Join Team Ali b donating at the CrowdRise #kick4clubfootpage


Yes! Give a gift to help children with clubfoot and win the following

  • $25: soccer cones
  • $50: customized water bottle
  • $250 Women's World Cup/ miraclefeet tshirt
  • $500: a soccer ball signed by Ali Krieger

Why miraclfeet?

Clubfoot is a common birth defect that affects one out of every 750 children.  There are over a million children with untreated clubood around the world. Together, we can transform these children's lives. Evryone who donates gives children with clubfoot the chance to play soccer one day. 

miraclefeet is a nonprofit that works with local partners in developing countires to provide the best possible medical care for clubfoot. It only takes $250 to provide a child with a complete cure. Visit for more information about our work. 

Many thanks to Sports Endeavors/ for their generous support.

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