WCAC titles this year

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Since it was brought up in the talk of SJC possibly being a baseball dynasty once again, here is a breakdown of who won titles in the boys sports this year:

WCAC sports

Football - DeMatha

Soccer - DeMatha

Cross-Country - Good Counsel

Basketball - St John's

Wrestling - Good Counsel

Lacrosse - Gonzaga

Baseball - St John's

Golf - Gonzaga

Tennis - Gonzaga

Track - TBD


non-WCAC sports for which many WCAC schools participate

Swim and Dive - Gonzaga

Hockey - Landon

Crew - Gonzaga

Rugby - Gonzaga


from what I understand, DM or SJC are the favorites in track, which would give either one a 3rd WCAC title this year.  There is a good balance among the four schools - DM, GC, GZ and SJC - notably missing are the Virginia schools - OC won tennis last year and both OC and PVI have had recent titles in Basketball and/or baseball, but the MD schools and GZ seem to be dominating the landscape these days. As to who has had the best year of those schools?  You could make arguments all sorts of ways, and none of them would be entirely wrong, and none of them would be entirely right - those are opinions, not facts.  The facts are presented here.  Congratulations to all of those who won titles this year, and congrats to all of the kids who competed and learned and grew from their experiences with their team or sport which, in the end. is the real purpose of high school athletics. lest we forget.


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"Congratulations to all of those who won titles this year" - except for the females it appears Mr. Buckley. Apparently the Seton's and Holy Cross's of the world do not deserve congratulations. 

I find your post to be both misogynistic and anti-Virginia. The anti-Virginia part I am more than fine with especially when it is in reference to the VA WCAC schools. The misogynistic part I am having a hard time with.

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The Womens Sports would be

Soccer Good Counsel

Field Hockey St. Johns

Tennis Holy Cross

VolleyBall Holy Cross

Cross Country O'Connell

Basketball PVI
Lacrosse Ireton

Softball O'Connell (in a marathon)

Most of you will yawn but there are some amazing female athletes in this conference.

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I think you could argue that the women's athletes in the WCAC might be more impressive than the one's on the guys side from a college scholarship perspective.

During the 2014-15 season PVI had 10 girls on their team who have D1 hoops offers and every year it is a tossup if it is going to be them, Seton, OLGC, or SJC for the WCAC crown.

Ireton, OLGC, and AHC were all nationally ranked in lax at least once during this past season - and I believe have over 35 (at least 30) D1 commits between the three of them.

Softball - you called it. There is a reason that championship game went as long as it did. DJO, SMR, Seton ... all very good and send a ton of kids to D1 programs.

Soccer - again some of the best in the country even w a down SJC.

Top to bottom women's sports in the WCAC is incredibly good and does not get nearly enough pub. 

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Any misogyny you read into my posts is of your own creation.  You brought up a valid point in mentioning the girls' schools - even though my post specifically mentioned it was talking about the boys titles, since it was in reference to a similar thread. You could've taken the mature approach shown by dcsportsfan84 and brought up the girls titles to support your point.  But rather than actually support a valid position, you chose to cast aspersions my way in order to ... what exactly?  What exactly are your credentials mr "NewDC-Jon"?  I taught at Seton for four years.  I currently work regularly with young ladies from just about each of these schools.  Do you?  Who are you and what gives you the right to interpret my post in such a slanderous way?  It is quite obvious who I am - I do not hide behind a moniker like you do.  If you want some legitimacy with me, divulge who you are and what your connection to these schools are.  Otherwise, work on offering up more gentlemanly posts.


Oh - lest I forget  - congratulations to all the young ladies and their teams on their seasons - whether they resulted in championships or not.  Hopefully they gained as much out of those as they do from their classes.  Girls sports in the WCAC is absolutely on the rise.  Without a doubt the greatest athlete the DC area has produced in the past five years is Katie Ledecky from Stone Ridge.  But there are many others - and they should be applauded for their accomplishments.

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Don't want to speak for the man, but I'm pretty sure the misogyny part was a joke from another thread. 

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See silver's remark. Sorry for any ruffled feathers - I was using your post to poke fun at someone else. I think I covered the rest of your questions on a different site yesterday and just now - hope it suffices. 

Now Silver, to call me a "man" is also  misogynistic and a bit ageist of you. You assume I am a man because my username is "Jon"? I am actually named after my great grandmother whose first name was also Jon. She was a handsome woman and I have been told that all the men in her village courted her vigorously. 

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your anti-bird rhetoric is really starting to bunch my panties, jon. if you insist on spewing your ornithophobic comments and microaggressions towards our avian brethren, i am going to talk to big brother to have you removed like a fox from a hen house.

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KJJ, you sir are a hypocrite. Everyone who knows you is well aware that you are a rabid anti-dentite. 

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as a life-long pbucks fan, and recently accused misogynist, i fully support this post. however, i am conflicted as there is no place in online forums for facts and reasonable discussion. 

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I totally agree. I think some of the grown men on this site need prayer and God in their lives the way the put down children and these organization! 

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Agreed Crazy. Some people on this site are just, well, crazy. 

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Nice to see pbuckley back on the site btw.  Been gone too long.

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thanks - haven't been able to say much recently - still check things out - but not enough hours in the day - nice to be missed.  :)

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Gonzaga won the first ever DC Metro water polo championship.  The only other teams involved were Whitman and Landon, but hopefully it expands over the coming years.

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Big miss on the track prognostication of SJC and DeMatha.  Favorites???  Hmmmm.    Good Counsel won with 173 points with CARROLL a distant 2nd with 97 and Dematha 3rd with 83 points.  Not sure where SJC finished. 

That's three for the Good Counsel Falcons, tying with Gonzaga for most overall championships in WCAC sports.

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