My Thoughts on the Nationals

10/14/2016 11:50:23 AM
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Hell of a game. I watched just about every pitch. Really had me glued to the television. But it was clearly disapointing. These are my thoguhts regarding why the Nats lost. It comes down to coaching. 

1. Dusty Baker removing Max Scherzer -- Not sure how  you take out your best player in the top of the 7th with no outs. Sure, he gave up a home run, but he threw a good pitch, which led to an opposite field home run. You need to keep Max in there until his arm falls off. I don't care about the bullpen. Scherzer needs to stay in. Kudos to the Dodger batter that took him deep. Hell of an at-bat. 

2. Sending Werth home -- insanse decision. You cannot send him. The thirdbase coach needs to get further down the line and assess the situation. He was basically further up the line than the third baseman. TERRIBLE call.

3. Harper's pickoff --- Balk. At least the one that got him was. Regardless of if the call was right or wrong, Dusty Baker needs to be out there in the umps face complaining about the call. Because that same pitcher just kept doing it. Make a scene. Kick some dirt around. Didn't seem like Baker did anything. 

You can't blame Drew Storen for this one. Baker and his staff are at fault. 

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I think Dusty probably panicked after that homerun. Sherzer wasn't losing anything in his pitches, but he was pushing 100 pitches (which he can handle) and i think Dusty made a knee jerk reaction pulling him. Can't positively say I would have done any different. But i agree with what you said above. Hell of a game to watch, but ultimately dissapointing. 

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Agree with all three. You forgot all of Baker's double switches left him with Mike Taylor and Difo batting instead of Zim and I guess Rendon. I'm no Zim fan, but he's swinging the bat way better than Taylor. Baker seemed to try to emulate Roberts and it got him stuck. Their bench players are better hitters than ours and if the game ever went to extra innings, we'd be dead.

Although if it did the game would still be going on. 4 1/2 hours for nine innings is way tooooo long. 

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Scherzer rarely goes more than 7 innings or 100 pitches so I have no issue with Dusty taking him out. Yeah, sending Werth was stupid since the OF had the ball when he was rounding 3rd. Since when is arguing a call going to change it? The Nats are what they are..good enough in the regular season and fall short in the playoffs. Just like the Caps, Wiz (when they make the playoffs), and Skins(ditto). 

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Disagree @foodforthought

Arguing a call might not change the outcome, but at least the umpire will know the Nats are pissed. It will force them to at least watch closer. Rather than just letting it happen. 

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I also thought Dusty would go out there and go off after they didnt call that balk!

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