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3/29/2017 11:50:45 PM
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prep and gonzaga's schedules just hit twitter.  Prep will beat Gonzaga easily this 2017 season you heard it hear first.  No offense for Gonzaga this year, not to mention prep is just flat out better.  

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Pretty sure Prep hasn't beat Bullis in the last 5 years...may longer.  Cilento may have only lost to Prep his first year at Bullis.

Why all this talk about them being so good? The 3 best teams on their schedule last year were Gonzaga, EHS and Bullis and the lost to EHS in Bullis in back to back games to end their season.  

Every year Gonzaga is like Preps super bowl, chance to knock off a team they shouldn't even be playing.  Nothing to lose. Gonzaga every year is trying not to treat it as a cake walk.  Every once in a while it close like last year, it happens.  But Prep is a 300 kid school and Gonzaga 900, not really a quality matchup.

Prep should focus on just trying to beat everyone in their conference.  Though I hear Prep had a stud freshman RB last year. Maybe he will be a difference maker.

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Well, if you are right, then Prep should go undefeated because Gonzaga is the best team on that whopper of a schedule...

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If Gonzaga is as watered down as many would like us to believe, then Gonzaga may not be the best team on the schedule.  Benedictine is legit.  Riverdale & Bullis will have a bunch of D1 athletes - it just always seems that they dont play as a team on the same night.  And Episcopal has the Canadian Connection with kids the last few years who go big time D1.  Again, operative word is "if".  And regardless, I personally would shy away from such a prediction in March for the underdog GP as a lot can change for both teams before Sept.  Now, if you recall last years prediction of impending doom for the Hoyas made by most on this board, you will know who called the game almost exactly as it played out.  

That being said, if someone is in the know, I would like to hear an assesment of the roster talent/ key players for each team, how they stack up, etc.    

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Here's my take on Gonzaga. The defense will be very good.  Only lost three seniors.  They are returning everyone else along with three D1 players who will all be juniors next season. So Gonzaga's defense should be tough in the fall.  Now for the offense...well that's where it gets interesing.  Only returning two starting OL, a fullback and a slot back/receiver.  Obviously lot's of holes to fill when you lose the city's best RB and offensive lineman.  They will need other younger players to step up big time.  I am hoping this Gonzaga team will be similar to the one a few year's ago (as stated in an earlier post).  No expectations but Gonzaga will be prepared for Prep and ready to compete in the WCAC.  My money will always be on Coach Trivers who seems to coach his players up year after year.  Love the Prep rivalry and the fact that we play in a top five league in the country - the WCAC!

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