Ewing to Georgetown

4/3/2017 6:27:42 PM
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Love this on a number of levels. If nothing else, the intensity of what was one of the better hoops rivalries of the 1980s - SJU v G'Town - will ramp back up. 

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Pat has big time name recognition from Mass. to Orlando. Should be able to recruit the east coast. Not much there now so hopefully they are patient.


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Why not just hire John Thomposon again? I feel like Georgetown should have started fresh here. Not another JT diciple. 

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Is he really a JT diciple? I get it - he played for JTII but he has 15 years of experience coaching in the NBA under some great minds. While not "fresh" per say in that he is not a wholly new figure, this isnt on the same level as hiring the coaches kid (Not to say JTIII only got the job because of his dad). They looked elsewhere, got shot down, went with the next best available guy who also happened to play under JTII. Just my two cents. 

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I'd definitely say that Patrick Ewing is a John Thompson Jr. disciple. We all know that Ewing played for John Thompson Jr. and is probably the greatest player in Georgetown history(National Championship, 3 Final Fours, #1 overall pick, Olympic Gold Medalist), but his son Patrick Ewing Jr. transferred into Georgetown for his JR and SR years to play for JTIII, so that's 2 generations of Ewing's that played for the Thompsons!! I'm thinking what happened was Georgetown tried to make a clean break from 'The Thompson Era', which started 45 YEARS AGO in 1972, but none of the coaches who they targeted(Archie Miller, Danny Hurley, Shaka Smart, Ed Cooley, Chris Mack) wanted the job, so they settled on Patrick Ewing.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great move at the moment because of all the attention/buzz that has been created locally and nationally with the hiring. Even though Patrick Ewing played 30+ years ago for Georgetown, and his NBA career ended around 2002, the youngsters that he'll be recruiting can go to youtube and see how great he was.

I know we have several guys who are well connected to the local hoops scene here, do any of you think Patrick Ewing is going to hire someone with strong Team Takeover ties(or someone from another local AAU powerhouse) as an assistant coach to bring in stronger local recruits. Not that JTIII did a terrible job recruiting locally, but Ewing hiring a coach with strong AAU connections should give him an immediate boost when it comes to recruiting. If you look at Georgetown's current roster and who they have coming in next year, they need 2 or 3 instant impact players.

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