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5/25/2017 1:10:17 AM
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Who do you think wins the All Met POY award this year? Trippi won it last year but Epstein had a better year than him so I can't see Trippi winning it. I would not be suprised if Justin Shockey wins the award. He is the best faceoff man in the country, and he's not your stereotypical FOGO, Justin put up big numbers scoring wise this season. If I had a vote, Shockey would win. For those who don't believe the Justin Shockey hype, watch, 

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Kayla Duperrouzel from Ireton for girls

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Duperrouzel would be my choice also.  She had a big game in the VISAA final against SSASA.   That game has become especially testy between the two neighboring schools in Alexandria.

 The Post will probably make Glenelg #1 in the final girls rankings, however. For the chance to sell more papers in Howard County they may choose someone from that team.   

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Shockey is sick, and certainly would be deserving, but can giving it to a FOGO be justified? I know he scored a dozen or so goals but it is kind of hard to justify, no? Again, certainly deserving, but for the same reason relief pitchers don't get Cy Youngs all that often, giving a FOGO the POY award would be interesting.

Agree w the other guy re: Kayla Duperrouzel. There are a couple of others who could stake a claim though.  

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Shockey was the Most Valuable Player in the area.  Trippi is the best lacrosse player in the area. (only slightly ahead of Epstein).  The Washington Post gives the award to the player on the number 1 ranked team.  So I would think Shockey gets POY for the WaPost.

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Trippi and Epstein are great players, but Buller is better.  Espstein is a great scorer, but Buller is what makes that offense go.  Shockey puts that team over the top, but I think Buller is the most valuable player on that team and in the DMV.

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