Archbishop Carroll Coaching Vacancy (Basketball)

7/21/2017 4:42:12 PM
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I heard some days ago that the bball coach up at Carroll step down...  

I hope Vaughn Jones is one of the canidates for the job. 

Waht yall think??


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Carroll in any of the major sports is the toughest job in town. I'm not sure you can win at Carroll now. That said, they have a terrific football coach and I hope they do the same in basketball to give them a fighting chance. 

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Archbishop Carroll seeks a head boys’ basketball coach. This is a part-time position that can be combined with other meaningful work at the school for a full-time position. 

Strong candidates will be those with experience coaching in a high school setting and a bachelor’s degree. The following characteristics will be present as well in strong candidates:
• Effective teaching skills
• Expertise in the game of basketball
• A work ethic and strategies capable of building a strong program
• Specific strategies for overseeing students’ academic success
• Strong communication and organization skills
• An embrace of Christian values and Catholic social teaching; a demonstrated ability to uphold those values personally and within the basketball program
• An affection for Archbishop Carroll High School, and a willingness to contribute to the entire school community

The goal of our boys’ basketball program is to graduate well-balanced young men who are strong contributors to their families, team, school and community; who are well prepared for the rigors of college; who play competitively in the school’s athletic conference; and who love the game of basketball and Archbishop Carroll High School.

Position Type: After school/Evening 
Positions Available: 1

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   The Tim Fudd era ends quietly.   Time to put the call out for Eddie Jordan?   Bring back George Leftwich?  "Monk" Malloy has retired from his full-time job as president of Notre Dame, he might be interested, since the position is listed as part time.      

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Mike Powell is the new head coach..

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