Kasim Hill Named Starter

9/6/2017 7:09:52 AM
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With Pigrome out for the year,  Kasim Hill has been named the starter. Anyone think  Maryland will be better because of him? Towson SHOULD be a win, but after that it will get  interesting. 

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That young man is a player.  It wil take some time to get up to speed and adjust to the overall speed of college v. high school football but I can't wait to watch him play.  Maryland has something going up there in College Park and it is nice to able to not have to apologize for their football for a change.  They are better and will get better.

Good Health and Good Luck to Kasim

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I think Piggy is more of a threat with the ball in his hands as a runner and had an entire offseason in the offense under his belt. Was listening to an interview prior to the season that spoke to how they can expand the offense because of it. I personally dont like that style of offense and hope Hill is more of a true QB than a dual threat. He has to face several of the best defenses and D-coordinators in the country and many guys with pro grades/all-americans. Presnap reads have to be faster, understanding where the blitz is coming from and calling protections. Hot reads, etc. Im hoping they dont run him more than they should to simplify the game. But I do think if he plays well this season Piggy doesnt get it back.  

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He will do fine for a freshman. The other kid was more of a run/pass threat but Hill will be okay. I think we should pat the breaks a bit with the Maryland hype. They will do fine the next three weeks but will only win 5-6 games tops this year. They still have a ways to go to be relevant on the national stage.


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