Final week of WCAC regular season

10/30/2017 1:00:01 PM
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With Dematha punching their ticket to the Playoffs this coming saturday with a win against ABC that leaves the only noteworthy game being SJC vs Gonzaga......

  1. How do you have it playing out? Can Gonzaga's defense stop SJC's offense? 
  2. can either one Beat Dematha twice this season? Who does Dematha Fare best against in a rematch?
  3. Could it be OLGC chance to win it all?
  4. As far as next season is concerned who moves to the WCAC B?  B-MAC? ABC?  Is Ryken smoke and mirrors this season or are they that much improved?
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In a perfect world, I'd like to see the following:

1) SJC win Saturday so GZ and GC play each other in round 1. GZ can beat SJC on any given day because of their historic rivalry, but I'd prefer to see these two teams battle it out in the championship

2) Sounds like this year's DeMatha squad is "Built Different" from the others. They'll have no problem with Carroll, but I don't see them beating SJC or Gonzaga

3) Maybe. Wouldn't be a complete surprise

4) Carroll needs to move down. Ryken should move up. And McNamara should stay put for the time being:

WCAC A Division -- DeMatha, GC, SJC, Gonzaga, McNamara, Ryken

WCAC B Division -- Carroll, PVI, O'Connell, Ireton, ??? is there another team?

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SJC beats GZ. SJC and GC in championship.....SJC finally gets over the hump. Carrol and BM should movr down but they obviously can't. Ryken is for real but still has a ways to go 

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Ryken is in the B

2 5 team divisions.....

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Ryken should stay where they are. They wouldn't compete with the top teams of the WCAC. They had great success with a waterdown schedule and they will be losing a lot next year.

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Hard to justify going with anyone else other than SJC to go all the way if you look to how their season has unfolded, even though, I believe the coaching was umlitmately responsible for their 2 non conference losses.

As with all High School games, emotions/momentum can swing on any given Fri/Sat, but if I had to bet - SJC will win it all.

I have a lot of respect for DeMatha and would love to see them 'come together' in the semis but when has a DeMatha team been ... well, this vunderable..

I love GC and love that Andy S. and his staff has improved the team this year.  GC gets my 'Team' award this year.  (If SJC could 'Team' like GC, they would be undefeated)

That leaves GZ... and I guess we will see Saturday if they can knock off SJC and prove me wrong...


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If I knew no history on amy of the teams and just had you judge based on what i have seen this season so far:

1) SJC is the the leader of the pack and the most talented team in the WCAC hands down.  The QB is balling right now.  Speed kills nad the WR corp is filled with it.  They have several options at running back to the speedster to the big bruising back to the utility back that can do it all from the backfield or go to the slot.  The kicker in most cases neuralizes the return game to nothing.  The secondary has not given up a single passing TD this season. 

2) OLGC is the next team on the list.  Young, loaded with talent and and are gelling as a team with a new coach.  should not be taken lightly at all.

3) Gonzaga has a freshman as the Starting QB he will be Awesome but this season  is going to make some mistakes but is very good.  OL is just serviceable at best right now.  The defensive front is stout but the Secondary is suspect

4) Dematha's QB play is suspect which deminishes the WR play and then makes you a one demensonal team.  The running backs are good would be exceptional if Marshawn was healthy but as it stands right now they are just good. The defense actually gives up more penalty yards the actual earned yardage.  You will never beat Good Counsel or SJC giving them the amount of free yardage they gave up in each of those games.  As for the gonzaga game they just waited until the 4th quarter to show up if they would have had 30 more seconds they would have won that game

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Any word on #6 for dematha and #1 for SJC? I’ve heard the Dematha RB may come back for the playoffs. I haven’t heard anything about #1.

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SJC beats Gonzaga this weekend so we’ll have DM vs SJC and GC vs GZ in the playoff.

DeMatha will have had three weeks to get healthy and calm down mentally by game time. SJC will be riding high. Are they ready to deal with that without being there before? Maybe. Doyle is the best QB prospect* we’ve seen around here since Hogan. Hill was very good, but Doyle can pick teams apart at will. I just don’t know if Doyle has what English showed time and time again in money time. Either way, he’s had an unbelievable season. SJC wouldn’t be where they are without him.

I think DM beats SJC if they screw their heads on straight, but that’s tough to do at this point in the season. The penalties have been out of control the last 4 weeks. I’ve never seen a DM team this bad in that aspect. If they can straighten that out alone, the game will go down to the wire. The OC needs to switch the zone read stuff up. The DC’s from other teams understand that our QB’s won’t beat them with the run like English. They key on our RB’s and shut the run game down. More power, less zone. DM needs the RB Lloyd back now. I think Robinson and the HD Woodson kid are great, but Lloyd is the best back in the area as a sophomore. There’s a reason he’s the #1 RB in the country for his class. I expect a great game in this match up. 

GC beats GZ. It’ll be close at half and then GC pulls away. Gonzaga will be very good next year, but GC has found something late in this season. The HC gets COY easily. It’s great for the league that GC didn’t drop off post Milloy. 

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I have an SJC vs Good Counsel Championship.  I do not think Gonzaga has enough left in the tank to beat anyone twice this season.  I think SJC is just the better team when it comes to Dematha this year so even with Lloyd's return the out come will remain that SJC will Win.....  Too Many weapons on offense and the deffense is balling right now

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I hear you on the SJC Vs DeMatha game.  The x-factor is coaching and DeMatha has the advantage there.  Brooks is a born leader and imported Big Joe - Not so much.  SJC had 8 outgoing transfers this season for a reason. 

But I think the SJC seniors and the 'real' subordinate coaches like Coach G are filling that void...  Should be interesting...

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I know Dematha's Track record....Not enough about Coach Brooks to comment either way but his record speaks for itself.....  I do believe Coach Caz has a plan and is work toward it.  Yes SJC did lose a few transfers mostly to SFA however if you look closer there are varied stories behind all of them.  I think it is Convenient to just lump them all in as they are leaving because of CAZ which not the case in every situation.  Majority of the kids were MIAA (baltimore) kids to begin with that were leaving Gilman and need a place to go for the short term and even if they would have choose Dematha or GZ would have ended up at SFA anyway.  You can question SJC's coaching but if you look at what was done this season they lost to De La Salle and St. John Bosco two great programs.  No other team in the WCAC tested themselves like SJC.  I know Dematha played BG but that was it they coasted with the rest of their OOS scheduling and got tested by teams that had no business giving them issues.  This is just the begining it is no longer a one or two team Show in tha WCAC.  when it is all said and done all four of the BIGS will be seasoned and ready to play...

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Roger that.  SJC has done alot to win, got a great Senior QB transfer, brought in several of Bob Milloy's coaches, etc...  and it was convenient to blame 'all' the transfers on CAZ...

But what I was trying to say (and I will try again)

We all know SJC has the advantage a QB and in other key positions, and the weakest link is the decisions of the HC during the battle.  Not saying he has made many, not saying he is not a good coach, just saying he is no Milloy or Brooks... Trust me on this one

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 i do not know enough about either (Milloy or Brooks) to challenge your statement

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I think Caz has taken some serious lumps over the last few years and hopefully for SJC it’s going to pay off. Last year’s championship was the culmination. In fact, the entire second half was his worst nightmare and most of that blame lands on his shoulders. He probably plays that kickoff recovery back before breakfast daily.

A big part of being a successful leader is admitting when you need help and then seeking that out. Historically, SJC’s biggest problem has been not getting the most out of the talent on the roster. It seems as if the new GC coaches that were brought on staff have fixed that. I’m not shocked there. They’ve been doing it in Olney for years. 

Another blessing in disguise was to say goodbye to a large number of high profile starters in the offseason. It looked horrible from the outside looking in, but Caz stuck to his guns. “Don’t like it? Leave“ is a great mentality when needed. As storied as Caz was coming in from upstate NY, lets be honest, his head was spinning once he started WCAC play. Trying too hard to please everyone works never. Stacking your roster with 247 *’s looks pretty, but when you lose, you have some ‘splaining to do...

The difference between Brooks or Milloy and Caz is those two are from here and knew exactly what they were getting into. Both of them saw McGregor build a powerhouse that, over the last few years, turned into a complaint factory full of high profile recruits that just wanted to get to the next level. We’ll see if Caz has caught on yet. Only time will tell...

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Addition by subtraction actually makes for better coaching. Its going to be interesting to see the final results.   

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Agreed.  Time may be one thing Caz doesn't have, as he may be in the last year of his contract.

There are two scenarios here, SJC may win out and he gets to stay or they loose and he gets replaced.

If they loose, do you guys think SJC will recruit Milloy?   

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Even if he wins it all, how old is he? How much longer would he be around on his own terms? I don’t know the guy so I have no idea.

I think Milloy has moved on past coaching. He’d be a great consultant if that’s even a thing. 

I think SJC would have to go on a national search for the next HC. Cilento from Bullis may be a good option. Thomas from Pallotti looked like he was putting something together last year, but he’s got a bit more maturing to do. Other than that, who locally would be equipt to deal with that pressure? Maybe McGregor heads to SJC for a few seasons? His parents both worked there way back...

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If SJC coaching spot comes open Aaron Brady will be the guy......he almost left GZ to go there years ago.

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Good call. He would be the perfect fit. 

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