Gonzaga moves on.......

11/10/2017 9:23:45 PM
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Gonzaga returned to Olney tonight and walked away a winner 24-17.


Watch out SJC, DeMatha is coming for you tomorrow...do you have it in you to beat them twice?


Cold out here tonight......

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Great job by Coach Trivers and his staff

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Nice win by the Eagles. I don't see DeMatha losing tomorrow but I hope they do. Would love to see a SJC/Gonzaga final. Has that ever happened before? 

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SJC/Gonzaga final? Not that I am aware of, maybe long time ago.

SJC is above every team in the WCAC, brought in talent to win the title, but there is just something about this SJC team that tells me they will fail. We will find out tomorrow afternoon if SJC will live to play another week.

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SJC vs Gonzaga championship.  

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