St. John's vs. Gonzaga - who ya got and why...

11/17/2017 9:39:28 AM
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St. John's vs. Gonzaga - who ya got and why

Both teams have had success this year.

I'm going with a tight first half with SJC pulling away to win the their first title since 1989.


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I believe it is St. Johns year..... They are again the better team, They are Healthy and have way more depth in ALL positions.

They can go 3 to 4 deep in both RB and WR with no drop off in talent.

OL and DL is Deep with talent

The DB's are a solid unit.

I think at this point in the season Gonzaga is running on empty.  Great Team, Great Kids and Excellent dedicated Coaching Staff.  But i do not think it is enough to beat SJC this year.....

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Gonzaga wins 28-27

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