Carroll Lacrosse Returning (Go Fund Me)

1/23/2018 9:58:41 AM
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Help Support Carroll Lacrosse here:

Archbishop Carroll High School is bringing a lacrosse program back to the school. Our student-athletes are ready about this opportunity and passionate about their school community. However, we need your help, primarily to purchase equipment and uniforms for our players. Our program seeks to develop young leaders through this ancient and transformative sport, and any donation you make is instrumental in helping us make this team a reality.

Archbishop Carroll prides itself on a strong sense of community and shared purpose, and the lacrosse team will continue to fulfill that vision as we work to improve our skills, develop life-long friendships, and represent our school with pride. You can help make this growth possible, and our players and coaches are tremendously grateful for your support. Together, WE ARE CARROLL!

For more information, please contact Coach Traynor at

$1,855 of $5,000 goal

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Without caring about sounding like a wet blanket: $5K for a lax program? Harris is a great guy and is going to do grea things for ABC, but if the school wants to start new athletics programs by scrounging for funds that wont even come close to funding their program they ought to reconsider their strategies. 

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How much do you think they need? I think 5K will get them outfitted at least. 

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15-20K at a minimum all-in. Having known ABC Lax quite well in the mid 2000s, the school provided a ton of gear (often donated through WINNERS, local club programs etc) because outside of the WINNERS kids who got to keep their gear when they "graduated," most kids playing lax at Carroll didn't have their own gear. Assume 25 kids on the roster - likely as the turnout will be low but hopefully enough to field a team. Helmets, even if going low-end and buying wholesale, will cost $2,500. Uni's will cost about $5K as you noted. Shoulder and elbow pads - 2-3K. Goalie gear - 300-500 low-end.

Moving on. Do they still have regulation goals? They haven't had a program in a couple of years so that might not be the case. Close to another 1K right there even if they are only getting 2. Factor in transportation, field lining, refs and all the other ancilary costs - 2-3K (minimum). And balls aren't cheap (even if they are those wonderful refurbished balls one can get at the new Sports Extra location). 

I did the youth lacrosse program management thing for years - the costs get astronomical. I am rooting for them and they just got a small donation from me, but if this is going to be successful (and self-funded) they are going to need to find another Bruce Baschuk. 

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1/31/2018 5:10:59 PM Report Abuse

Your numbers seem way off. Times have changed since the mid-2000s. You may need to get back into the game grandpa to see what is capabale, especially with the "Internet" now available. Good for donating though. Did you telegram the money or hire a pigeon service? 

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You're an outstanding reflection of the school you claim to represent - lacking in reading comprhension, bereft of any sense of wit and comically arrogant for no good reason (I mean, you basically attended a public school with uniforms).

My numbers aren't way off. And, at no point did I say "the mid-2000s." I was still doing it as recently as 2 years ago for a club program I support. Unless you can get non-profit rates from the Cascade's of the world you aren't getting helmets for anywhere near $100 unless they are refurbished or just plain garbage. Same is true of shoulder and elbow pads for 25 kids. I am aware that Maverick sells shoulder pads for $30 and elbow pads for $20 but there is a reason for that - they are crap. I could go on but by now even an SJC student should get it - sure, you could outfit a team (and cover all ancillary expenses) for about 12K, but you'd be giving them sub-par gear. 

Sweet comment though. 

Unrelated, it does turn out that ABC got an equipment grant and got helmets donated - awesome news. 

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