St.John's at Carroll on Friday Night

1/26/2018 10:27:40 PM
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I was just going to post about Carroll in the 'Hoopin' on Harewood Road' thread but the ending of this game needs its own thread. I hope one of you on here was at this game and can explain what took place or someone can contact a St.John/Carroll player, coach, parent, student for an explanation. I'll try to give a quick summary, but tempers started to flare late in the game as SJC's Richard Njoku and Carroll's Tegra Izay got double techs(I believe) when their arms locked and it appeared as if Tegra tried to bend Njoku's arm. Njoku then got tangled with another Carroll player shortly after that game and was ejected, he clearly lost his composure, some players and coaches had to calm him down.

Then with about 43 seconds left and SJC up 48-43, SJC turned the ball over after a long pass went out of bounds, the SJC coach then kicked the bench or did something that caused a gatorade bottle to land on the court, the SJC coach got a tech, Carroll hit a free throw, then a 3-pointer to pull within 48-47. A few plays later Carroll took their first lead of the game with about 3 seconds left after a layup by one of their guards(Barnes or Jamal Muhammad??), some Caroll fans then rushed the court, the refs gave asssesed a tech to Carroll for rushing the court and awarded St.John's a free throw. SJC's Morsell then missed the free throw, but the ref waived it off because he said that some Carroll fans were distracting him at the door to the consession stands(the refs then had those doors closed), Morsell then makes the free throw to tie the game at 51. The ref then calls another tech on Carroll which gives Morsell 2 more free throws he misses the first, then makes the 2nd to make the score 53-51. Carroll missed a 3 at the buzzer and SJC wins!!

You guys have to take my word on this, ONE OF YOU has got to get the story of how this game ended. I'm not sure I've seen anything like that. What's funny is, it was a ho hum game until the craziness of the last 4 minutes!! 

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Who was the ref? Kevin Plank? 

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Looks like this game‘s ending definitely has more to it than just a fan being upset.

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I think the good news here is that Carroll is competive. Meaningless game really. 

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Was anyone there? Anything to add to this??  Sounds like Carroll got jobbed.  A game can't end like that in a conference like the WCAC.  Point.  Blank.  Period.

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stone,  it looks like all the outlets(dcsportsfan, the Washington Post, Marc Stern/Capitol Hoops, DMVElite) were watching Paul VI, DeMatha or a P.G.County game last Friday, so nobody can really give a detailed/video account of what happened, except those of us who were there. And believe me, that's a good thing for St.John's, I know they are happy that there's no sort of evidence(just word of mouth) of what happened in this game. If St.John's had anyone filming this game, they probably told them to Destroy The Video soon after the game ended!! LOL 

I believe Maryland had an assistant coach(Broadus??) at the game. If anyone knows him, maybe he can discuss what happened. 

About Carroll, Michael Powell has definitely turned things around immediately at Carroll. They should be real good for the next few years with the young players they have. Carroll Freshman swingman Aminu Mohammed could be a top 25 type of player by his SR year. He's already their leading scorer as a freshman. Sophomore C Tegra Izay is also very good


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Good to see Dave McKenna still is alive. 

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