Wilson over Gonzaga

3/2/2018 6:17:37 PM
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This site has no pics of Wilson beating Gonzaga. Why is that, are the public schools that bad where you dont cover them on DC SPORTS FAN lol. This is terrible the bias on this site from a lot of you guys when it comes to the public schools in DC. DAMN I miss Mayor Barry lol. upcoming football season is gonna be funny with you guys. Also Wilson has the best baseball in the city as well. 

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1. The majority of the content on this site is user generated. If you wish to have it included you can provide it. Trust me, it isn't that hard to get stuff on here. 
2. Wilson baseball, while impressive, is likely the third or fourth best program in DC. Last year alone they went 1-2 vs. STA, 0-1 vs. Gonzaga and ducked SJC (who swept the two previously mentioned teams). 

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Are you sure? Your article ranking Calzones at local high schools still hasn’t been approved despite tremendous effort.

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Calzones? I am a panzerotti guy all the way, sorry man. 

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NewDC_Jon is correct that a majority of content is user generated; don't quite get the "it isn't that hard to get stuff on here" line.  Care to offer any feedback on that?

coaching016, we are always looking for contributors. Please visit  http://www.dcsportsfan.com/contribute for more information.

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Was not meant as a slight Big Bro. What I meant was, even if potential contributors do not meet the high editorial and journalistic standards of DCSF, folks can always post links to videos, articles, etc.... to get news that might not already be on the site here (as Tom did above). 

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I've been crying all morning

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To make up for the pain I have caused you, I will come down to Sports Extra's brand new location on St. Elmo Ave in Bethesda in the hopes I will see you there so I can apologize in person. Semi-related, I hear great things about Sports Extra's brand new location on St. Elmo Ave. 

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I only saw the highlights from Marc Stern on YouTube but it looked like a WCAC tournament hangover.  It is really hard to get up for games after falling just short in the title game.  I am not saying that Wilson isn't completely deserving of the win, but they sure looked like they had something to prove.  Obviously, there aren't many highlights showing missed shots but Gonzaga picked the wrong night to get caught slipping.  Wilson was more than ready for them.  It still looks like SJC will win in DC -boys and girls.  We talk a lot about the WCAC dominance but I am going to keep a close eye on all of the private school eligible state tournaments because it might be a sweep for the DMV.  Bottom line, the WCAC is as strong as ever.  Back in the 1990's this very scenario would have blown peoples' minds.

Any feedback from someone that was at the game?

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Wilson beat SJC in double overtime to win championship. Wondering if they had a tourmament hangover too...

I watched Wilson earlier this season in the Bullis Holiday tourney and them jokers can play.

Congrats Wilson!


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