Riverdale Baptist Baseball. What a Joke.

4/25/2018 11:34:09 AM
fairfax panther
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Why does Riverdale Baptist get ranked by The Washington Post?

They have a kid on their team who is in his 5th year of HS.  The kid in question went to La Plata for 9th grade, St. Charles his soph year, So. Christian Academy his junior year, and is now in his second year at RB.

They allow others kids to come in and reclass.

They had a kid  who pitched for them in 2015.  They listed him as a soph and then quietly let him go and the end of the season after they found out he was only 22 years old! 

Last year, they had four kids on the team who could not speak English. They were "home schooled" and all they had to pay was $500. Of course, everyone knows they did not pay a dime.

Now you allegedly have to pay $3K to be home schooled and play for them.

If RB wants to act this way, fine. No prob.  But they should not be ranked as a high school team or considered as such.

What a joke.  

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nxt lvl
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Do they belong to a conference? I looked on their schedule and I cant  tell what games are conference games and what games are not. 

Seems to me that the Comish or Pres of the conference should be doing a better job of overseeing their actions.

RB has built a program that has been very successful the past few years. They have scheduled good teams from the DMV and Bmore and have beaten most of them over the years. Even the Paul IV Panthers. They have played other public and private school teams that have been highly ranked this year as well. They have even beaten Paul IV this year.

Are you sure that is not the reason for the post? They beat Paul IV and are ranked by the Washington Post ahead of Paul IV.  If they have done even half of the things you have accused them of doing, then ask your coach why he would play them. Why enter a tournament over spring break where they are also entered? If the coach feels this way he should not play them. Play more Bmore or powerhouse Va teams.

You play them for risk vs reward? The reward for winning is great. If you lose , mereley state that the competition is stacked illegally. Here is an idea, refuse to schedule them. If they are truly the cheaters you say ,then other programs will follow your example and they would have to play most of their games against poor teams or out of the area teams. 


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4/26/2018 6:45:10 AM Report Abuse

Agreed! Dont schedule them...

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fairfax panther
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The thread was about rankings not scheduling......read the post.

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Same story every year...PVI loses to RB and you post the same sh**...either stop playing them or stop whining when they whup you.

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Amen Brother. I had to look at the date because it was a post from last season. btw they are not the only Christian School that allows that kind of flexibility as it relates to Home Schooling and sports. They are just a very good baseball programming. And reclassing happens all aroung the beltway in public and private schools. If they were a baseball doormat it would not be a problem at all.

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5/8/2018 2:47:09 PM Report Abuse

Excuse my typos... Very good baseball program...


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