Baltimore won't play Poggi

5/31/2018 1:34:09 PM
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Found an article saying a bunch of MIAA "A" teams no longer want to play Biff Poggi's teams at SFA due to the increased focus on football.

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This is an interesting story on many levels which has played out in various cities across the country in multiple sports. I can't get on board with the argument that they are too good and have lots of transfers so we won't play them; you need to prove something illegitamate is happening. I used to have no problem with refusing to play schools with 5th yr players (which is usually more of a high school bball argument), but even that isnt as clear cut as it used to be since so many kids get held back in 8th grade (or before), reclassify upon transferring etc solely for athletic purposes.  Stu Vetter was quite the trailblazer! I can't get on board with the racist insinuation here though. SFA has a great history and I know it obviously fields a predominantly black football team, but I am sure the MIAA would love to face Carroll on an annual basis.

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I wish they would have decided sooner.  It will be hard for them to find teams to play at this stage.  Not to mention, the other sports will now have to play independent.  

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Is Bill McGregor still involved with Poggi? 

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