Big Jimmy cleared

7/31/2018 2:38:04 PM
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Rockville High basketball player Jimmy Sorunke was cleared to play in Montgomery County Public Schools after an investigation concluded he wasn’t in violation of the age requirement for high school students, MCPS spokeswoman Gboyinde Onijala confirmed Tuesday.

The investigation, which began after a Deadspin article published in March questioned Sorunke’s age, ended in early July and found there was “insufficient evidence” that Sorunke’s listed birthday of June 11, 2001, was inaccurate. The Deadspin story alleged Sorunke may have been 20 at the start of his freshman year at Rockville last fall — not 16, as Sorunke and his guardian, Joe Boncore, claimed.

Sorunke, a 6-foot-10 center from Nigeria, averaged 15.2 points for Rockville last season. The team finished 14-10 after going 2-22 the year before. Sorunke recently took part in the Maryland Elite Summer League this summer, playing for Rockville.

The initial investigation at the school and state level began in early March. Spokesman Derek Turner said MCPS received documentation at the time of Sorunke’s enrollment that indicated his birthday was in 2001 — which would make him 16 when he started as a freshman. The birthday listed on images of Sorunke’s Nigerian passport and birth certificate provided to The Washington Post also was in 2001.

Deadspin cited a blog post from 2016 listing Olujimi Sorunke Abayomi as having a birthday of June 11, 1997. That name was on the birth certificate and passport provided to The Post.

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Where are all the haters now?

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