Week 3 Football Power Rankings

9/10/2018 2:11:26 PM
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DCSportsFan Football Power Rankings (Week 3)

1. St. John’s (3-0)

2. Gonzaga (3-0)

3. Good Counsel (2-0)

4. Bullis (2-0)

5. DeMatha (2-1)

6. Friendship Collegiate (2-0)

7. Wilson (2-1)

8. Landon (2-0)

9. Georgetown Prep (1-0)

10. St. Mary’s Ryken (2-1)

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This poll is 100% completely and totally accurate and anyone who disagrees likely hates America. 

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1. St. John’s (3-0) 

2. Gonzaga (3-0)

3. Good Counsel (2-0)

4. DeMatha (2-1)

Until someone local beats 1-4 thats not  listed above then those programs should remain 1-4 (order changes based on results)

5. St. Mary’s Ryken (2-1)

6. Wise (1-1) 43-1 in last 44

7. Friendship Collegiate (2-0)

8. Bullis (2-0) No shade to Bullis, they played and dominated the teams on their schedule. They beat two winless teams that have not had a winning season in over 5 years. They should not be 4

9. Eleanor Roosevelt (1-0) Could also be CH flowers. Big match-up this week

10. Wilson (2-1)

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   Indirectly you are throwing "shade" on Bullis.   When they played Carroll in their first week, they were not playing a "winless" team, but an undefeated one.   The previous week, the Lions had defeated National Collegiate Prep 42-0, and carried a 1-0 record into their game against Bullis.   

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The Carroll/NCP contest was originally called a game like scrimmage because NCP did not have enough players cleared. Maybe that has changed. I still think Bullis is a great program but just not #4. IMO 5-10 would all play each other really close

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Agree @BigGame

BigGame got it right.

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How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?...Yeah...Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
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No Maryland Public

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SJC definitely deserves the top spot.  Gonzaga with a statement win over Don Bosco.  But Bullis ahead of DeMatha?  No way!!  DeMatha lost badly to STA but still MUCH better then Bullis.  

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Flint Hill should be ranked. They won the states last year and went undefeated.

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