Best WCAC Season Ever?

9/29/2018 10:13:00 PM
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Is this season shaping up to be the best WCAC season ever? I can't remember there ever being 4 teams this strong on a national level. Are there any other years where the WCAC was as dominant as this year? Or has the game just changed so that the teams of old could never compete considering the recruiting, offseason programs, lifting, etc. 

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I don't think there has ever been more talent. It's like a feeder system to the NFL. 

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I will wait til the end to say best ever. But this season is very intriguing. You got SJC who if they complete the undefeated season will get my vote for the best team ever. my only question is can that defense stop the run. In particular the rushing attacks of GC and DM

Which leads me to DM who can run the ball with the best of them but can they pass the ball well enough in conference play when teams start to stack that box. And can they stop the passing attack of the teams in conference. Especially when they play GZ and SJC 

Then there is GC who similar to to DM can run the ball and have that big offensive line but are little more balanced and have a good front seven on defense. Can they slow down that SJC passing attack, the DM run game and that GZ passing attack. 


Then GZ one of the best coached teams in the area with the best QB in the league in my eyes can they continue to put up big numbers on offense no matter who they play against. Can that defense stop the run games of DM and GC and that SJC offensive attack. 


Finally Mcnamara, much respect for playing these games might not win one in conference but I'm sure they going to bring it every time they step out there. 


This is is definitely going to be exciting to see how it unfolds. 

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I agree with all of this.  It's going to be really interesting to see how this plays out and I have a feeling injuries that occur during these games might be huge factor. 

SJC is clearly the most talented team and by far the most battle tested...but look out for GC. Alot of their best players are seniors and have gone through these WCAC battles already.  Both teams played Marietta, a really talented offensive team out of Georgia and Good Counsel beat them by 18....and that game was game 1 on the road. Would have been more if the GA refs didn't stack the calls against them.  St. Johns won by 7 in DC.  

Gonzaga has a lot more talent than people realize.  They've got at least one player at just about every position with a power 5 offer. QB has an Alabama offer.  They just haven't played anyone of note yet.  Dematha, GC, and St. Johns have all played a much stronger non conference schedule. I wonder if that becomes an issue this weekend and beyond. we'll see.

Dematha in my opionion has the biggest issue for the reasons you stated.  They can't throw the ball.  I only saw that Aquinas game in week 1, and to be fair they've got 4 players in their seconday with top end power 5 offers, but that QB doesn't have zip on his passes.  I think thats going to be an issue in conference play when teams stack that box.  At the same time I anticipate Hellams playing much more at WR in the reg season than he did in game 1....Defensively they are stout though.  Cross and Hellams have to be the best safety combo in the area. 

GC, as you mentioned has a mammouth line that just wears teams down. They've got decent wideouts but the one real threat is when they line Hart out wide.  They've looked sharp in their last few games.  I don't think the starters have given up a point in the last three games.  With that said that one game that got cancelled, against Spalding, their secondary was getting shredded. Maybe those issues have been fixed but that is the formula to beating them.  Easier said than done though bc their front seven is stacked and will get pressure on the ball.  I think one adjustment they made was putting Hart at corner instead of safety so that he can take out the other team's best wideout.  

I don't think McNamara wins a game.  No shade.  The other 4 teams are ranked regionally in the USA today polls. They only rank 10 teams for each of the four regions. 

If I had to guess I think the standings play out like this:

1. SJC

2. Good Counsel/Gonzaga

3. Gonzaga/Good Counsel

4. Dematha

5. McNamara







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GC beat Marietta 40-28...that's 12 not 18.

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My bad.  I thought the final score was 40-22.  I was wrong.  Anyone who watched that game know the score wouldn't have even been that close if not for the Georgia refs.  One of the most biased officiated hs games i've ever watched.

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I agree with your order...and this week's GC-Gonz matchup is intriguing. GC has played a tougher schedule- St.Jos Prep and Marietta would beat everyone that Gonzaga has played and MSJ and Spaulding may also. But Gonzaga has dominated the weaker competition (except Peddie) so it's hard to say how good they are. We will know a lot more after Saturday.

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I definatley think this is the deepest the league has been. SJC and Gonzaga are strong, but Good Counsel or DeMatha could win it no problem too. SJC is playing really well, but things change when conference play starts......this weekend!

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I disagree......the league has been deep and competitive the last 3-4 years. If SJC either runs the table or at least wins the championship how is this year any different from the rest? The favorite every year in not DM anymore but I don't see the big difference in this year and the last few.  Not sure I understand the reasoning behind the NFL pipeline comment either.

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