WCAC football is dying.

10/4/2018 12:24:37 PM
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Confernce play starting and no one cares...  WP throws a bone every other week... Turnout at the games is down...  Sad to see it die, but all things change.  Proud of my brothers across the conference that are still grinding. God Speed to the playoffs.

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Not sure what you've been watching but this has been a great season. Stay tuned. 

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Hey Bopper, would you mind doing me a favor and telling me which WCAC school you went to? I just want to make sure my kids dont get the same garbage English teachers you clearly had. 

And regarding the content of your post: it is comically wrong. WaPo is writing about the WCAC as much as always. Attendance at the non-con games (outside of that sham that ABC participated in at RFK) is incredibly robust. And, chatter on WaPo boards and elsewhere is active. 

But hey, you have your opinion. 

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Really I havent noticed that at all. where you at the sjc miami central game, the fact of the matter league play starts this week. And the GC SJC GAME is going to be on ESPN. No one talks about it in this forum anymore but that doesnt mean anything

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Too many games out of the area to really tell this early in the season. We will see this coming weekend, especially when GC/Gonzaga play. 

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Like the guys on the podcast said....the preseason is over. Get out to a game this weekend and you'll see a crowd. 

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GC vs. Gonzaga this weekend. Gonna be a show. 

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Prediction: Gonzaga 49, Good Counsel 48

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Prediction: Good Counsel 49, Gonzaga 0

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Prediction: Gonzaga 34, Good Counsel 21

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President Trump
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Good Counsel will win. They have a tremendous team. They have the best players. All of the best players. Their offense is tremendous. Gonzaga is full of cheaters and n'erdowells, and some.. i'm sure, are good football players. But Good Counsel, much like my good friend, Brett Kavanaugh, is too good not the come out on top, regardless of wether or not Gonzaga gives their "consent"


In regards to the WCAC dying... the WCAC was once a great conference. But much like the failing New York Times, and the very unfunny Saturday Night Live, nothing can last forever. Many people are saying the IAC is the conference to watch and that the WCAC is dying. Very smart people are saying this. The WCAC is not what it once was. Sad.

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Prediction: Gonzaga 75, Good Counsel 3

GC just doesn't seem the same since the 'ol ball coach left. 

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Here here! The league is definately going downhill. 

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How much would it cost to make the league good again? 

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And Good Counsel with the victory. Not too surprised. Gonzaga has never had the killer mentality. 

Should be an intersting few weeks!

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