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10/27/2018 9:17:05 AM
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Great win by PVI over Ryken Friday night. Didn't expect that. Anyone have updates from the game? Looks like these are the standings after yesterday. Anyone know how the playoffs work for the  Metro division? Is Ryken done or is there a playoff format?

Paul VI 7-2 288 205 3-0 113 76
St. Mary's Ryken 7-2 292 141 2-1 127 33
Carroll 2-5 66 213 1-1 38 43
O'Connell 2-6 145 237 1-2 39 70
Bishop Ireton 1-7 90 288 0-3 42 137
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yea, there is a playoff format both WCAC divisions will get ther own playoffs and championship, similar to DICAA Stars/Strips division



Beginning the Fall of 2018, the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference’s football teams will compete in two divisions. Each division will have its own playoffs and championship game.

The Capital Division will be composed of Bishop McNamara, DeMatha, Gonzaga, Our Lady of Good Counsel, and St. John’s.

The Metro Division will include Archbishop Carroll, Bishop Ireton, Bishop O’Connell, Paul VI, and St. Mary’s Ryken.

Schools are able to compete across divisions and maintain long-standing rivalries and major conference games. The composition of schools in the divisions will be revisited every two years.

WCAC Commissioner Steve Colantuoni says that “this is an opportunity for WCAC schools to play national, regional, and local schedules within as well as outside the conference. It provides a flexibility that best serves our student-athletes and our member schools.”

Dr. Tom Curry, Head of School at Bishop Ireton and outgoing chair of the WCAC board, says “the board has taken strides this year along with the new commissioner to come to a unanimous agreement about the new structure.” Along with Bishop O’Connell and Paul VI, Bishop Ireton’s football team returns to the conference under this new structure.

There are no plans currently for other sports to compete in the same two divisions, although the conference is open to exploring that in future.

Dr. Dan McMahon, principal of DeMatha and incoming chair of the WCAC board, says that “this organization of the league allows us to preserve historical ties and serve our students well.”

The WCAC is also adding a new school. The Heights, a boys’ school in Montgomery County, will be joining the conference in the 2017-18 year in all of its sports. Together, Colantuoni and the heads of schools see this addition as part of a vision for possible continued expansion of the league.

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Updated Standings as of Sunday night. Top 4 teams make the playoffs. 

Paul VI7-22882053-011376
St. Mary's Ryken7-22921412-112733
Bishop Ireton1-81033350-455184
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4 teams out of 5  make the playoffs? Why not just skip the regular season and go straight to the playoffs. Draw straws for seedings. About as exciting from looking at the numbers. Teams not averaging 15 pts per game.

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The bottom 3 are not very good and have not scored many points but a Ryken (42.3 per game) vs Paul VI (37.6) rematch should be entertaining. They probably should just have the top 2 in the regular season play for the Metro Championship...maybe both divisions.

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O'Connell beat PVI last night 35-33; they were up by as much as 28-6.  O'Connell was missing 4 of their key players for the past 5 weeks and they are all back and healthy and it showed last night.  I watched the game in person and was impressed with the talent at that level.  They took PVI by surprise.  The Ryken vs. O'Connell championship game should be interesting as these 4 players were missing during that game.

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