SJC @ Gonzaga/WCAC Playoffs

11/2/2018 3:08:19 PM
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First off, I love that SJC will be playing at Gonzaga Saturday. So much better than going to Blair or a nuetral site like Paint Branch. Hopefully this continues. 

Secondly, I predict Gonzaga wins 28-27

Finally, are the WCAC playoffs set regardless of what happens? 

1. SJC

2. DeMatha

3. Good Counsel

4. Gonzaga

Where will the Gonzaga/SJC playoff game be played? 

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The game can be watched live here:

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Looked like a blowout after the first half. Was SJC playing their starters in the second half or did Gonzaga play better? 

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SJC just came out flat the second half.  GZ didn’t play any better or worse in the second half.  

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