WCAC Championship -- Schedule

11/12/2018 7:35:40 AM
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WCAC Metro League Championship

O'Connell vs. St. Mary's Ryken, 1PM @ Catholic University 

WCAC Capitol League Championship

Gonzaga vs. DeMatha, 6 PM @ Catholic University 

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I noticed that McNamara posted their WCAC All Conference Selections last night.  Does anyone have access to the complete list?

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I guess the league is saving money moving all the championships to Catholic.  I get the location I just wish it was a better facility.  I am not sure why there is the long gap between games.  Are they going for 2 admissions?  You would figure that football fans would be happy to see a double header.  Not saying everyone would stay but you would get some people to.  

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11/15/2018 11:53:19 AM Report Abuse

The facility is fine! They have upgraded....it will be cozy, lively and full....Byrd wasnt a great environment...place was dull and empty. The game should be right ar Catholic or Georgetown...either is fine with me. Let's play ball!! The field is great...was an awesome environment for SJC/ Good Counsel. I love the decision to have it there

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