Turkey Bowl

11/12/2018 12:26:43 PM
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As much as I appreciate the WCAC chatter. ...does anyone have an opinion about the Turkey Bowl? 


Really thought this was Wilson's year but they disappeared once again.  Rogers is building something at Ballou. All that said it looks like HD will take it again. 


HD 26- Ballou 12

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Who are the players to watch in this game? 

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Ballou 22 HD 21 I think this will be a great game against two evenly matched teams. Side not, the DCSAA format may not be the best I believe the top 4 (eligible) teams are matched up for the semis. Ballou vs HD and Wilson vs FCA. Should be fun to  watch

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Ballou begins and ends with the Maryland commit Lavonte Gater. Explosive skill player. RB Speaks is solid and a great story so you have to root for him. On defense Ruffini and Young are small but solid. The 10the grade DT has a Maryland offer. 


This was supposed to be a down year by HDs standards but they improved throughout the year.  The QB Sharp is getting better and should be a top QB in the DMV next year.  HD is solid top to bottom without a bunch of true stars IMO. Their oline play is exceptional by DCIAA standards. 

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