Possible WCAC Expansion

11/20/2018 12:38:36 PM
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With the addition of The Heights, Do you think that WCAC will add one more additional school for balance? Went I was at McNamara, Pallotti was in WCAC. I know that there is a new school, Don Bosco, that less than 10 years old that may not be ready for WCAC. Any thoughts???

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It would make sense to add another (or possibly more) football playing schools since there is no plenty of rooms with the two divisions for football - especially if Ryken keeps improving and moves up while MAC refuses to go down a level.  Palloti was in the WCAC when they have an "A" and a "B" division back in the day - with the distance they would not be too far away to add in.  Not sure if they would want to join though -  anyone have an inside scoop?

Not so sure about Don Bosco - it is small and a Cristo Rey school - essentially a work study school focused on academics and working to get poor and working class kids achieving academically.  While they do play sports, I do not think that it would fit their profile.

There is also JPG down in Dumphries VA that is a Catholic school in the Diocese of Arlington, the only Diocesan school not in the WCAC.  However, they are still on the smaller side and I've heard that they do not want to join the WCAC.

They also do not want to join the WCAC but Georgetown Prep is the best fit in the area - decent size, got some sports history and plenty of money.  I think they would rather be a big dog in IAC than join the WCAC.  But who knows, I was adamant that the Heights wouldn't join. 

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The Heights doesnt do football.............unless they are changing that

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