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11/27/2018 4:54:53 PM
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I plan to release my Top 10 WCAC basketball players in the coming days. Should be a great season coming up. Pumped to get out and watch some hoops this weekend. 

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Players to Watch --- In No Particular Order

Casey Morsell, St. John's (UVA)

Justin Moore, DeMatha (Villanova)

Makhi Mitchell, Wilson (Maryland)

Makhel Mitchell, Wilson (Maryland)

Anthony Harris, PVI (Virginia Tech)

Marcus Dockery, O'Connell (Maryland)

Qudus Wahab, Flint Hill (undecided)

Jeremy Roach, PVI (undecided)

Hunter Dickinson, DeMatha (undecided)

Earl Timberlake, DeMatha (undecided)

Dimingus Stevens, Wilson (undecided)

Eliajah Wood, BCC (undecided)

Chuck Harris, Gonzaga (undecided)

Terrance Williams, Gonzaga (undecided)

Darius Maddux, St. John's (undecided)

Myles Stute, Gonzaga (undecided) 


Who am I missing? 

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I'm a Stag fan, but I'm sorry that Jeremy Roach is out for the year. That could diminish some great games with DM and PVI. 

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