DeMatha's new football coach is.......

1/4/2019 1:34:48 PM
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DeMatha has named Bill McGregor the new football coach.

Things just got very interesting in Hyattsville!

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Great hire by the Stags...tough to top getting him back.  Anyone know if Baucia is coming back too?

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I wonder if the assistants passed over will stay and if Thomas is coming back as well?

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If McGregor is as smart as

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If McGregor is as smart as I think he is, he will retain the majority of the staff.  If he has any chance of keeping those rising seniors and juniors from a mass transfer situation it will be important to keep those coaches that have developed relationships with the talent on the team and keep them in house. 

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Am I reading this correctly? Bill is back?

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My guess is that the assistants that we want to stay will stay and that Bill is looking to round out some numbers and rack up wins.  39 years at DeMatha.  29 years as Head Football Coach.  17 championships.  All these numbers are so close.

This is a great hire by the school.  Some of our assistants are young and basically at the crossroads in their careers.  Just because you were a baller doesn't mean that coaching is for you.  Plus there is a difference between being a football lifer, and a DeMatha football lifer.  This is going to be like grad school, for them.  The word is out that if you want a chance to coach football at the collegiate and professional levels then DeMatha is a pipeline for that now too.  (It is interesting to me because Howard University did this in the oughts, proving that you don't even need a fantastic program to coach up coaches.)  Obviously, this job will be open again soon because Bill doesn't want to spend another 39 years.

McGregor's re-hire gives DeMatha continuity.  How many big-time players from different eras is this guy going to coach?  I hope, a lot!

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What exactly has Bill been doing since stepping down? Might have been 10 years ago? 

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The coaches are at a crossroads????? Coaching will be like going to grad??Didnt DeMatha go to 6 championships in 8 years. Didn’t the win 4 out of 6. I think Mcgregor would love to keep these coaches 

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Well let's look at the some of the leading candidates mentioned. 


Bryce Bevill.  He has offers to coach outside of the DMV at collegiate level but he's stayed put.  Howard University would probably love to still have him but he is the AD at Ireton.  Does he want to go back to being a head coach?  He would probably be a good football or athletic administrator, anywhere.

Josh Wilson.  He most certainly doesn't have to be an assistant at DeMatha if he doesn't want to.  Ex NFL players usually go this route to see if coaching is for them.  It will be interesting to see how it works out for him.

Cunningham has been at DeMatha for a grip.  DeMatha lifer, DeMatha football lifer, or football lifer?  Only he knows.

The other guys that are going to grad school right now include Kenny Tate...  You all know how I feel about him.

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This is comparable to Joe Gibbs returning to coach the Redskins, except it has nothing to do with Daniel Snyder. A win-win for the WCAC. Looking forward to McGregor being back on the sidelines!

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Will be interesting to watch.  Even though the recruiting game hasn't changed there are a whole lot more playing it. 

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