9/9/2019 5:57:14 PM
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Haha! Laugh about the Mustangs if you want, but they will shock the WCAC this year.  I know, I know, they blew out Eastern and Riverdale Baptist, but they have shown a lot of agression on defense and one of the best kept secrets at running back in 2021 Tyvon Edmonds.  #3 has seven touchdowns in two games and I have to put him up there with the rest of the running backs in the WCAC.  Edmonds is a name you will be talking about for the next two years.  Coach Malloy has done a good job with this group and their D flys all over the place.  WCAC has been warned! No massacre this season.  

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you edmonds pops...LOL.. seriously they should be much improved though...

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Sir, this is an Arbys. 

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They've been impressive so far this season. Should be interesting. 

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I agree.  McNamara is the team to beat in the WCAC.  They are the forerunners for the league championship.  

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Please see my 8/14 post in response to “Massacre in Mustangville”.   They are much improved this year, and the results of their first two games is not a surprise.   It would be a surprise if they don’t win one game against one of the other four teams in the “A” division.  And yes, that RB is for real.

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McNamara is light years away from even making a serious half against any of the top 4.


i say this with total respect because we’re also talking about kids 


Eastern would lose to some JV WCAC teams. This is fact. Riverdale May only win one game this season.  Those teams are awful barometers.

McNamara over the last few years has barely even scored against the top 4 when the starters are in the game.

They won’t sniff a WCAC win. There is no return. 


Best for them to drop to the Metro Division

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