by: Lee Kelly   7/1/2015

National Champion Gonzaga and #11 ranked Georgetown Prep dominated the 2015 MAVRC/Rugby MD All-Met team. The Eagles contributed 11 players to the first team and three on the second team.  Georgetown Prep added three to the first team, four to the second team and one honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Backs

Nick Blasey, Landon, Sr.

Luke Bosley, Good Counsel, Sr.

James France, St. John’s, Jr.

Jacques LaFonta, French Int/MDX, Sr.

Shane Murphy, St. John’s, Sr.

Yapheth Norris, MDX, Jr.

Damon Quigley, Bell, Jr.

Kevin Moses, Perry Street Prep, Sr.  

Honorable Mention: Forwards

Charlie Siarkas, Sherwood/MDX, Jr.

Joe Kane, St. John’s, Sr.

Williams, Perry Street Prep, Sr.

Connor Stewart, Georgetown Prep, Sr.

Aiden Perrenoud, Rockville/MDX, Jr.

Jesse Linsenmeyer, Good Counsel, Sr.

David Canonese, Kennedy/MDX, Sr.

Michael Pratt, Good Counsel, Sr.

Simmons, Perry Street Prep, Sr. 

Second Team All- MAVRC

Marcus Pointer, Model, Sr.

Tom Cirrito, Georgetown Prep, Sr.

Jack Carroll, Gonzaga, Sr.

Jimmy Alexander, Georgetown Prep, Sr.

Michael Shincovich, Gonzaga, Jr.

Kyle Smith, St. John's, Sr.

Jerman Marcia, St. John's, Jr.

Xristian Olivas, Bell, Sr.

Rory Hodgson, Georgetown Prep, Jr.

Aaron Gray, Perry Street Prep, Sr.

Ryan Rudasil, Georgetown Prep, Sr.

Pat Bartlett, Good Counsel, Sr.

Paul Vincent, French Int/MDX, Sr.

Tyree Randolph, Gonzaga, Soph.

Kyle Amann, Good Counsel, Sr.

First Team All-MAVRC

Dante Loprest, Gonzaga, Jr.

Jack Iscaro, Gonzaga, Sr.

Jeff Ferrigno, Georgetown Prep, Jr.

Patrick Hesse, Gonzaga, Jr.

Bernardo Guillimon, Good Counsel, Sr.

Sean Fitzgerald, Gonzaga, Sr.

Jack Perry, Gonzaga, Sr.

D'Andre Easterling, Gonzaga, Sr.

Dan Callahan, Gonzaga, Sr.

Patrick Sheehy, Gonzaga, Jr.

James Lyons, Georgetown Prep, Jr.

Reggie Corbin, Gonzaga, Sr.

Nick Skalka, Gonzaga, Sr.

Rashan Jones, Gonzaga, Sr. 

Morris Ray, Perry Street Prep, Sr. 

Jason Colliton, Georgetown Prep, Sr.

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